Shouldn’t be writing. Very drunk thanks to Evan not Abi – Rory has reminded me of the dangers of blogging drunk. Dangerous. Had a brilliant day. First caught up with Janet and kids at Auskick followed by win at footy by Hugo and Jes (thank you coach) then lunch and too much drink at Abi’s and Evan’s. Who knew Kahlua was so nice? Anyway Kahlua provides some clarity. (??!!??)

I just want to say on this Mother’s Day that I love my family and I have some great friends. You all rock and if I had my fantasy come true we would all live on some commune together.

If I was really drunk I would be saying “I loves youse all” at this point. As it is I would just like you all to know that “I loves youse all”.

Am I attracting the people I deserve?? Then I am one hot chick because you guys are fantastic… please. Someone comment now or I will disappear in a vacuum of my own superlatives…