Inspirational Story

This is from a friend of mine who wants to share the story of her brother with as many people as possible. I wish I could be as inspirational as the mother in this true story.

“The short version… On my youngest daughters’ 5th birthday I received a phonecall at 6.00 at night from my sister-in-law to say that my brother was driving a truck at his best mate’s house when their 7 year old (only child) son fell under the back wheel and was killed instantly.

“The shock was unimaginable and immediately I thought this would be the last straw for my brother. How wrong I was… His friends (Max and Pip – not their real names) had bought this truck and bobcat with the idea of helping my brother get on his feet and realise a dream, whilst they made some income by leasing the equipment to him. It was his first day on the job and he was returning the truck “home”.

“Their young boy, well known for being accident prone, reckless, etc. was sooo excited to see my brother (incidentally they share the same name) that he ran up and right alongside the truck – out of sight of the mirrors. His Dad called to him to get away from the truck, but he fell, and that was it.

“First my brother knew of it was when he parked the truck about 6 metres away and looked in the mirror. By that time his Dad was with him and knew it was over. You can imagine the ensuing scenes, but what you don’t know is that while cradling her son Pip yelled at Max and my brother to never, ever blame themselves, it was nothing but a freak accident – which all investigations, etc confirmed. And she has NEVER wavered from that belief.

“She has shown absolute love, compassion, honesty, acceptance and supreme courage throughout the following weeks, even supporting the priest through a difficult, and yet celebratory/joyous, funeral. She has always said her beautiful son has been the inspiration for her strength and capacity to continue with love, and joy for the happy memories.

“Despite having her tubes “tied” she has decided on a reversal and to have 2 more children if possible, already! I truly believe that she has the angel archetype (and young Sam (not his real name) did too, having spoken of his connection to God at only 7 years of age!), and her message is simple – be grateful, loving, maintain faith and hope and move on, and never forget the gift of those you love, however long you have them.

“It is this lesson, and their example of human nature at it’s best -under the most testing conditions – that I feel compelled to share. They have also saved my brother’s life, in staying his best friends and allowing him into their grief, the three of them sharing in the process together. I am sure that the 4 of them have played out a karmic episode and have a profound life contract together. That means there is a purpose… a goodness to come out of it.

“By reaching as many people as I can with their story, I hope that will be just part of it.”