Can you write?

Have you heard about the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. All you need to do is write a 600 word story. Let me tell you – that is not a long story – and send it off. It sounds like fun and I would so love to be able to say that I knew a person who won – or was a finalist. Go on – you can do it!

I have. Yes I’m actually in charge of a similar thing for the Regional Production Fund so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see if I could do what I am exhorting others to do for this project. It didn’t take me long to write 700 words so some editing was required.

Anyway perhaps if you’re brave enough to enter we could put a few of them online here…I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

The funeral was yesterday.

It was a very personal lovely tribute and celebration of my friend’s wife. And I think he should be proud of his words especially. Afterward there was a wake at the sister’s house which was lovely too. Lots of people came back to the house.

Isn’t it strange when you go to somewhere like a funeral and you end up meeting people you haven’t seen for ages and had no idea they knew the person you knew. Yesterday I met up with Rebecca – who used to work with Rory – she came to our wedding and we had lost touch with her over the years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then there was this fellow with red hair who I know from somewhere – but where? – and a lady who had been at the pastel course I had done with Janet earlier in the year… And of course the uni dnd crowd…

Strange isn’t it? Death bringing lives together again.