Jobs you may not have known existed

I may appear to be a bit of a sad geek but I have to share with you some recent excitement in my life. As you may know I play dungeons and dragons and when we play we use little figurines to represent our characters. They come in a silver metal like the picture to the right. But many players like to paint their figurines to give them a little more… personality.

I came across a website called Tiny Souls (thanks Sean) and enquired about getting my little figurine painted. It turned out that Zordana or Irene lives in Perth – hooray! So after an email conversation where we discussed hair colour and general personality I packed my little Azimuth – a lawful good cleric for those in the know – in a padded envelope off to Irene and waited. (For those of your familiar with Reaper minis, the model in question is Danra, a human druid – ah well)

In what seemed no time at all Irene had painted my little cleric but not only that had added grass and flowers! We went out to visit her and pick up my Azimuth. It was a chance to see how she worked.

Irene has just received a collection of paints from the UK with which to paint the miniatures. She uses a number 5/0 – 20/0 brushes – very small! The secret apparently is in the thinning of the paints. Find out more as she describes how she painted Azimuth on her own webpage.

This picture is just so you can see how small the figurines actually are! Irene paints commissions and also for competitions. You can also find her figurines on Ebay. She paints figurines as a fulltime job.

Bloody impressive eh? Of course now I’m a bit nervous to use her during the game…

Last night went to see The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) which depicts the true story of Ramon Sanpedro who fought for his right to die with dignity. He had lived with his quadraplegia for 29 years since diving into a shallow sea. I totally recommend seeing it. The cinematography is exquisite and the acting sublime. Yes it is a harrowing topic but I was glued to the screen – it is above all about love. It’s on limited release and well deserves it’s best foreign film Oscar.