So it’s me

So here we are on Day two of our mini-Seachange. Well we’re still on holidays really. Still being paid by work. Still on the run-up the hill to Christmas.

Thankfully this year we have adopted the sensible position of not buying everyone a present. Just a lucky dip, a secret santa, and then one for immediate family and Mandy (our houseguest), Sandy (our soon to be leaving us cleaner) and L (my nephew). And I’ll also be sending something to my niece and nephew in the US when I get my act together.

That’s still eight presents but it’s a lot less than last year!

I have been so busy this year up to this point that I haven’t written a Christmas Letter or sent cards. I do love you all – I’m just a slack tart. And anyway what more could I write – you know all the intimate details of my life this year – and there are always the archives if you have forgotton – I’m sure you’ll have time to trawl through that! 🙂 Okay maybe not.

Next year we are going to be part of Mr Cha Cha’s Ballroom. We are very excited about it. Well that’s not quite true. I am very excited about it. Groover is humouring me. Mandy is still looking for a partner… (okay I’m just putting that out there I am NOT matchmaking…)

Also J and I are going to do a Painting with Pastels course – and again I am very excited about it and I suspect she is humouring me… We’re also doing a course with UWA Extension on Leonardo da Vinci which will be interesting given our big trip to Italy this year.

I’m also right into making jewellery – or I suspect I could be. I’ve been inspired by three friends. K in the UK (used to live down the street) who is a “proper” jeweller. She sent me some gorgeous earrings earlier this year which I wear constantly. Anna – who we visited yesterday – she is a well known Perth artist – she has just got about $1000 worth of beads from India and when we visited yesterday she was creating some fabulous brooches. She also gave Dippity a few beads to take home. Well we took them to A’s house – my Bali Belly Buddy – and she has been making jewellery this year inspired by these beads she found by an artist called Lily – and she helped Dipp turn them into earrings. They are gorgeous. She then made me a pair – divine! So I’m thinking… maybe I should have a go!

I think I might have a spare hour or two to devote to the craft…

So the summer stretches before me – a long glorious summer… I’m just hoping six months will be long enough!