Christmas Eve

We are either drinking too much alcohol or getting old and losing our memories. What on earth did we do for New Year’s Eve last year? My mind is a blank. Did we go to Abi and Evan’s – we did two years before? The year before we went into Northbridge… Last NYE Cath and Georges were around – did we go somewhere with them? I don’t know. If I haven’t written it down it is lost. And despite copious blogging I didn’t. Better start wearing purple.

Anyway it’s Christmas eve. I just went out for a walk – a holiday resolution – to pick up a couple of coffees and stopped to have a chat with two little unintelligible three year olds. Very cute. Their grandma came out to translate for me. Apparently they have a blocked drain – poo poo water – but the plumber is coming out.

Today the last of the gift buying and then drinkies at Melissa and Bevan’s and then on to Philippa and Ron’s. We’ll walk home.

Then it’s time for Christmas.

I’m sitting here typing away while next to me Rory plays some shoot-them-up game on his computer – it’s very weird. Sort of companionable and sort of not. Is this our future?