Finally an answer

So now I know what I’ve really known for weeks now. That I haven’t got the afternoon job. Bernadette Young from Alice Springs has got the job and from all accounts will do the job well.  My boss says her voice has a “Verity” feel to it so I guess that’s what they were looking for. I’ll go through my application with him tomorrow to get some more feedback.

Am I disappointed? Well der. I guess I held out a faint hope. I’m more disappointed that knowing I hadn’t got the job and would be disappointed that Groover didn’t stop by the bottle shop on the way home! What’s up with that?! (okay so he’s not feeling well)

On a brighter note I had my first day in a “proper” office with a door today! I felt like Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl. Except without the big hair. I think I did okay today. Feeling my way a bit but it’s a dream management job – all the good bits without any of the nasty admin bits! However the guy I’m filling in for is so fit that I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

The exciting news is I’m going to get to have a chat with a cast member of The Bill! Who will it be I wonder… perhaps you woud like to vote on your fave? (I can’t put in June and Jim – my picks – because they are not available)