What do you mean – you don’t watch The Bill??!

Is it truly only Rory and I who slavishly follow the happenings at Sun Hill? Are we the only people who religiously record ABCTV from 8.30-9.30 Saturday and Tuesday nights? Say it isn’t so!!

We even learned how to G-Code record because of The Bill.

Alright alright we are sad.

I am a bit sad at the moment. Thought I was cool about the Afternoon Job but on receiving feedback found out I was not. Feeling a bit frag about it all in fact. Of course my kids are delighted so at least someone is happy.

So where to now? Well I must say I am really enjoying the management role I’m in at the moment – Jim you had your heart attack just at the right time for me – thank you – it’s a welcome distraction. I’m kind of thinking of maybe going down the management role… we’ll see how we go with this acting appointment… What is it they say about management – if you can’t do – manage? Something like that.

Tonight we test our brains at the Cottesloe Surf Club Quiz night. This is our first social activity with the club since the kids joined nippers last week so looking forward to that – I haven’t been to a quiz night in ages.