Well hasn’t it been beautiful weather. Came home from work today to find the house deserted. Rory had been out to breakfast with his brother Mark and Madeleine and they had given him for his birthday a model plane. So he was off down the shops with the kids buying stuff to make it fly.

So I washed my hair and went to bed – I need my afternoon nap on a Saturday big-time.

I woke up groggy to find the kitchen table (it seats 8) covered with plane stuff and a very serious Rory fiddling with plane bits.

So I took Hugo off to his sleepover and came back to find him STILL fiddling with plane bits – I’m taking him out to a hotel and dinner for his birthday tonight… He is STILL fiddling with plane bits but hey it’s his birthday and if that’s what he wants to do… 🙂

He is finding it a bit frustrating though as not all is going perfectly so I have become plane bits assistant number one! I’m not bad as a holder of metal bits while they are being soldered – in fact as a team we work pretty well which is good because Rory is a lot happier when he has neat solders!

He’s had a great birthday though – a very “young” shirt from my family, the plane as mentioned, a half day rally course from his Mum and sister Debbie and from me – apart from tonight I’ve organised for him to have a one-on-one with the chief brewer from his favourite brewery and I bought a round-the-map reading on CD of his Archetrek Life Map… which I confess I’m also keen to hear. You will be impressed with my restraint though – I’m waiting til he hears it first…

In the meantime I’ve been reworking Mum’s Know Yourself Heal Yourself website and it’s been going really well EXCEPT that her hosting company isn’t connecting as it should and I am unable to upload it. Which is a bit of a bummer really. Hopefully we’ll sort it out soon and you’ll be able to enjoy the new look. Web-heads will be interested to know that I’m using php and a database to make it more interesting!

So with Rory still fiddling with his plane – but happier now that as a team we do neat soldering – I will sign off. Have a good weekend.