Postcard from Hobart

by Cellobella on Sunday, September 12, 2010

A recent trip to Hobart was mostly spent in conference and drinking far too much pinot noir.

We had dinner at Salamanca where we discussed all manner of secret women’s business, wandered down to a wine bar to discuss everything else until closing, we didn’t go to the casino.

Apparently on a Wednesday night the casino closes at 2am.


Anyway I did manage to go for a walk on my free morning…

Fishing boats

More fishing boats

The parks around the city are very English

A stunning tree mostly because of the lushness of the flowers on the bare branches

I saw a few of these trees - all had more flowers than the one in the park

I love a city with a little relief - yes that's Mt Wellington.

Love the views around Battery Point.

Such cute houses!

View from near the CSIRO

Looking back towards the bridge

Look at the starfish and not my feet.

Hobart is lovely.

It has a real country town feel.

In winter, the streets are almost deserted.

Tourist precinct shops close midweek and the city has a sleepy feel even when the weather is gorgeous.

I could live there… until it rained.