Brisvegas – photo essay from the Gold Coast

Photo essays seem such a cheat don’t they? Not many words…

Citycycles seem a clever way to get around

This was the first thing I saw on arrival in Brisbane.

I love the idea of citycycle.

I wonder how well it works.

The view from Mt Coot-tha

We went up to Mt Coot-tha for the spectacular views.

The colours in the sandstone seemed artificial

The amazing colours of Brisbane sandstone look as if someone has dyed them.

Our team at the lookout

This is our team.

This is me not deciding which photo to show

Don’t you love the curves in this building?

Groovy apartment building in Broad Beach

On the way back to Brisbane we went shopping on the Gold coast.

The apartment buildings are fabulously over the top.

Mile after mile of hotel apartments

It’s as if all the architects in Australia went on holiday on the Gold Coast and over a few bevys let their imagination run wild.

Now normally you wouldn’t see me up at sunrise but this day the fire alarm went off.

The bloody fire alarm got me up early to catch the sunrise

And went off, and went off.

So I got up early.

It was of course a false alarm.

Rainbow Beach maybe

The first night we had dinner at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club.

Good food.

Fantastic view.

Fail: Tattoo on - Tattoo off

This amused me.

Tattoo parlour with tattoo removal joint a few doors down. LOL

Were they that bad?

The heads at Tweed Heads

This is the view from our balcony.

Not bad eh?

My hotel room

And of course the obligatory bedroom pic.

We stayed at Tweed Ultima and the apartments were very nice.