Wake up call


No, not that kind of wake up call but while we’re on the subject – how do you wake up each day?

On my old phone – a Nokia n80 – there was a ring tone called “Amaze” and it was several people saying “Ohhhhhh”, getting louder and louder each time.

It kind of sounded like very lethargic people having sex.

So I used that for a while.

Now my new phone has a standard ring toney thing that I can’t be bothered changing so I haven’t but recently it was in the workshop – again – bloody Blackberry Bold – and I borrowed my daughter’s phone.

She’s got a little Nokia basic model and when we gave it to her on her birthday, Hugamuga, Groover and I recorded us singing “Happy Birthday” to her, set the alarm for 6am and then wrapped up the phone and put it in her room when she was asleep.

I’m not sure she appreciated THAT wake up call but she hasn’t changed it.

I woke up to me singing happy birthday to my daughter this morning.

I think you want something fairly gentle no?

Otherwise getting up in the cold and the dark feels like prison.

In the “olden days” of course I used to use a clock radio. Remember them? Here’s a photo.


If I’ve really got to get up sometimes I book a wake-up call.  I’ve been caught out too many times setting my alarm to the wrong 12-hour period.

It’s quite nice getting a “good morning this is your alarm call” person on the end of the phone.

Maybe I could record myself a little good morning message.

Or maybe I should record myself singing a little ditty my best friend’s dad used to sing when I stayed over for a sleepover to wake us up.

“Good morning to you!
Good morning to you!
Whatever the weather,
We’ll face it together.
In work and in play!
A beautiful day!”

So give. What do you wake up to?

(Oh that’s right this post was going to be on something completely different… next time peeps)

5 Replies to “Wake up call”

  1. I have an alarm clock which have some nature sounds recorded.
    My favourit is a recording of waves breaking on the shore but there is also a recording of birds and one of a creek…

  2. I don’t use alarms. My husband sets the alarm on the clock in the lounge, but i’m always dressed and turning it off before it has a chance. I have an internal clock that wakes me up about 20 minutes before I need to be out of bed, about 98% of the time. Very occasionally it fails me.

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