Enough with the old country

by Cellobella on Sunday, February 22, 2009 · 12 comments


This guy rang up last week and said that he was sick and tired of people referring to England as “the old country” or “the mother country”.

It’s insulting, he said.  I’m 5th generation.  Australia has been it’s own entity for over 100 years.  

Isn’t it time, he wondered, that we stopped referring to England, that we cut those aged and fraying apron strings?

He has a point.

I imagine England doesn’t feel like a mother to Australia’s Indigenous population.

And the old country could be any number of countries from Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas.

Sure a few hangovers of England’s colonisation remain.

We share a queen.

We are part of the Commonwealth – although I’m not too sure how common that wealth is.

We play cricket.

We get three months long service leave (well… if you’re a public servant.  The time was to allow you to go home “to the old country” by boat and spend two weeks with your family)


Do you ever hear citizens of the United States referring to the old country?


I agree.  It’s time to move on peeps.


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