Help! I’m addicted

You know, I have a pretty busy life.

I work full-time, I run a household, I walk four times a week (well, I will be), on Thursdays I go to sewing lessons (see photo), I blog, I listen to several podcasts, I read books,  I talk to my husband and kids, I watch TV and I sleep.

I really don’t have time for an addiction.

But I have one.

And it’s serious.

I just can’t stop playing sudoku on my phone.


6 Replies to “Help! I’m addicted”

  1. ahhh last week I was playing it while my 3 yr old was in swimming lessons – I looked up to see the swimming lesson over, all the other kids with thier parents and my little dude GONE!!! After frantically scanning the bottom of the pool, then interrupting the instructor’s meeting….found him in the men’s toilet! Scared the crap out of me – no more phone sudoku at the pool!!!

  2. I’m with Heather – it will pass! I spent one Christmas holidays playing Sudoku. I soon got over it 🙂

    At least it’s an addiction that will keep your mind active! You too can be like Olivia Newton-John 😉

  3. I tried sudoku for a while. Started with the super easy level. Wore out an entire eraser on the very first puzzle. Then I put the book away. Guess it’s not “my thing”. I have another go occasionally, sometimes get a puzzle done, so I haven’t given up entirely.

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