Text message etiquette – a basic rule

by Cellobella on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 · 4 comments

I love getting text messages… that little “beep beep” is a welcome sound.  Somebody loves me I think (unconsciously) as I race to my phone and check it.  Especially after hours when the message is more likely to be a personal one and less likely to be transmitter down or I’m sick and can’t come in.

Today I got a message cancelling a meeting – problem was, the message was not signed.  I had two meetings.  I had NO IDEA who was cancelling what!

Now people isn’t this just basic courtesy?

An initial would be nice if not your whole name.  Some indication of the sender would be helpful.

It’s like you answer the phone and the person starts talking at you without introducing themselves – assuming you’ll recognise their voice, except it’s worse.

At least you have a chance of recognising an individual voice pattern but unless you store everyone’s number that you’ve ever met in your head whether or not you’ve seen their number, it’s a bit rich to assume they will know it is you.

Now I can forgive this more with my friends – most of their numbers are in my phone anyway so their name pops up – but don’t assume this is so.  I have one friend  whose number for some reason refuses to be recognised by my phone – and I continually get bizarre messages which don’t make sense unless I realise they are from him via the number.  Damn technology for letting me down.

So here endeth my lesson.

An initial.  A name.  Some indication of who you are at the end of your text.  It’s just being polite.




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