Milestones or millstones

This is the 995th post for this blog. That’s quite a lot isn’t it? Which means that in just five more posts I’m going to hit a magical 1000 posts.

And that is a milestone.


But is it also a millstone?

I feel as if I should do something to mark the occasion. Some sort of celebration or mention but I’m at a loss as what to do, and the mild stress this is causing is hanging over me as I watch the post numbers tick by.

I missed all the earlier anniversaries because, well, really I wasn’t paying that much attention.

So what to do? What have you done?

It feels a bit like my 40th birthday party. I took so long to work out what I wanted to do (hoping all the while Groover would throw me a surprise party) that I ended up just going down the pub with a few mates – which was nice but not very organised!

I feel we should celebrate these little milestones in our lives but to be honest sometimes my life feels so busy I can’t find the space to do it.

All of which is blame, excuse and denial!

I’ll come up with something so make sure you come back!

Creative Commons License photo credit: John Spooner