Dark Horse: Your room is ready!

We call him The Dark Horse. He has been a friend of Groover’s since school and is coming out for an Australian Christmas with his girlfriend and helpfully staying at our place while we bugger off to a big family Christmas in the snow.

We don’t often have guests but whenever we do we are galvanised into action and clean out our granny flat which spends most of the year as a shed/storeroom/kids playroom.

It wasn’t that bad actually… there have been times when I’ve physically not been able to get past the first foot from the door due the the junk that has been dumped in there. I took some before and after photos.

before bed

As you can see the bed has completely collapsed. Fixing the frame was our first priority and it took ages.

after bed

Ah but the result was worth it.


This is the other half. There is also a small bathroom – filled with The Orchid Hunter’s school notes from 2005&6 – the ones he couldn’t bear to part with – but I don’t want to bore you…

We’ve lived in this house for ten years and this is the first time I can remember Groover helping out with the clean up (he says he’s done it once before – but I don’t remember). It’s much more fun when there is two of you, plus he even threw out some of his crap beloved treasures.