Update on the school situation

My daughterSo what did we do about the school situation?

We got her into the private school. She took the last place left.

I rang our school to see what they could do but really, they seemed a bit stuck.  For a start, none of the others had told them so they didn’t know all the girls were going. The principal rang around to try and change their minds but as one mum put it – it was all a little bit too late.

You see they wanted some kind of certainty.  We don’t know yet what is happening in Grade 6/7 next year – what teacher they will get and to be honest, you kind of need to know now or you miss out on getting a place elsewhere.

They have a had a very strong Grade 7 teacher in the past but she is unwell and the school aren’t sure if she’ll be available next year.  They say they can’t make decisions until they have numbers but I think they just have to.

Parents need to see that the school is committed to having a strong Year 7 class and are prepared to put a good teacher in place.  I think if the mums could have seen that we were getting a good teacher, they might have stayed.  But… it’s all too late now.

I’m sad.  You make such an emotional commitment to a school who you’ve invested with your child’s future, that leaving, especially in the hurried and forced way we did, feels like betrayal.

Still, the new school looks good.  The Orientation Day seemed a success and it will be interesting to see how my girl goes now that she is one of 54 in her year as opposed to one of 5.