So loving Google Reader

It’s true, I am so loving Google Reader… mainly because I can keep tabs on all my favourite bloggers – and there are a heap of you – but also because I can trial “new” bloggers out… see how often I read their posts properly, how often I click through to their home pages, how often I comment…

I’m “meeting” a lot of new bloggers through the community blogger award and Reader helps me keep up with them.  (I am adding any that leave a comment on the award page to my CBA blogroll too.)

It changes the way I assess blogs though.  I get frustrated (as many of you have said before) when people only rss a short excerpt of their posts… grrr.  There are only a couple that I bother to click through to.

But it also is good for those blogs who don’t update very often.  I used to get frustrated clicking through to see you hadn’t posted but now – you only appear if you have.  🙂  So my stress level has dropped.

Reader makes me lazy though.  I haven’t updated my sidebar blogroll (apart from the CBA one) for ages… I rely too heavily on Reader to do the sorting for me.  I will have to develop some sort of policy for that sometime soon. 

I’d love to stickybeak on others’ Reader lists though… I imagine, like me, your Reader list is different to that displayed on your blog.  Politics is involved… some blogs you keep on your list no doubt because you think your friends would be dismayed if you removed them… even though they haven’t updated for ages and frankly they don’t deserve to be there.  On Reader, you would be “trialling” new blogs… seeing if you related to the blogger… and keeping a few old friends on hold just in case they one day did blog again…

Am I right?