Evan Almighty

Today we all trooped out to the Ascot Cinema in Mt Lawley to see a preview of Evan Almighty.  Rated G, a father’s day family flick.

It’s harmless enough.  An ex-TV anchorman turned congressman is elected on the slogan Change the World.  When he prays for help doing just that, God appears and tells him to build an ark.

As a family we rated it 2.5/5.  It has some funny moments, but it’s too moral heavy and sanctimonious for me.

I’d rather watch Australian Idol. (Go Sarah, Natalie, Mark and Daniel… tho I’d be happy with Carl as well)

In the afternoon, my orchid hunter and I played bridge at JT’s Sunday Club at Nedlands.  A very relaxed session and good fun, although not as relaxed as the kitchen bridge I played with Mum and Dad and the hunter this evening… I thought I was intuitive until I played with Dad.  Still his methods – such as they are – seem to work.  We won!  Must be that Father’s Day magic. 🙂