Dressing up

dressing upReading Thirdcat’s post today about Opinionated Boy and his decision or not to wear a pink skirt reminded me of the orchid hunter aged 2.

I had gone back to work and OH was cared for at my cousin’s house where we shared a nanny. My cousin has 3 kids the youngest about 2 years older than OH but they are in consecutive years (you get it? She has a birthday in January, OH is in November).

Somehow we had been given a dress – one of those tough Osh Gosh stripey ones – and OH decided he desperately wanted to wear it. I was in my new mother – I’m not going to be freaked out by gender stereotypes moments – and said sure darling – and off we went.

Well after all my cousin’s kids, the nanny and my cousin and her housekeeper commented on the dress I decided I was going to be freaked out and from then on OH was told that “oh dear, the dress is getting washed…”

Yes this is the child who threw his “On the Road” book – out the window on to the actual road.

Pictured: a flashback to 2002 (and a very old camera) to my two darlings dressing up in my old ballgowns. OH would be about 6 here.