The Power!

Finally after two years in the new building we have monitoring in the toilets.  By that I don’t mean some girl in a uniform making sure you flush, or wash your hands, or worse – cameras! – but the ability to listen to the radio while using the loo.

This might sound bizarre to you but I work in a radio station and if you need to nip out for the necessary during a track, it’s less stressful if you can hear the song playing.  Likewise if you’re producing – you can keep tabs on what is happening.  We’re talking nipping out for a quick wee right – not a read the newspaper session.

Likewise if you’re stationed in Master Control and have popped out to put the kettle on in the nearby kitchen – it’s kind of nice to hear if the station goes off-air.


The radio is piped in and there are no visible controls and the volume was set just at that annoying level which was loud enough to hear if you were… shall we say pants up on your own, but if there was any action, inaudible.

The techs have decided to keep the volume controls well separate so that they can’t be changed willy nilly (so to speak).

Today – I found out where those controls are.  Mwah ha ha ha ha!


volume controls