All for one and one for all

I was over on Jahteh’s blog and she has asked for support in losing weight.  Good on you girl!

So I’ve been thinking about this today and I reckon the best way to support you is to join you.

One of the ways to lose weight that works for me – when I do it – which isn’t very often – is to track what I eat.

So here is today:

1 glass of Nudie juice (an indulgence but hey I was racing out the door today and didn’t have time to juice)
1 black coffee (classed as medicine)
2 white fleshed nectarines
1 small red apple
1 salad with lettuce, 1/4 avocado, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, spring onions covered with
1 small can of sundried tomatoes and tuna – the John West kind – 4 points on Weightwatchers from memory
1 small glass of white wine
1 small glass of red wine (ran out of white)

So far it all sounds pretty good but I’m cooking a red prawn curry with jasmine rice for dinner (kids are having chops) which may throw the goodness out a bit.  Or maybe it balances my goodness. Of course that goodness was maybe balanced by the wine. Hmmmm.  I’ll add some salad to the curry.

At least I didn’t eat my 3 o’clock chocolate treat today.

Small steps people!

And how much do I weigh.  I don’t know. I don’t have a set of scales. Lets just say I’m at the upper end of my comfort scale… 🙂

UPDATE:  small serve of red prawn curry on rice with coriander – seriously yummy.  Two cups of tea. One packet of chocolate chip tiny teddy biscuits – you know – the little packs you put in school lunch boxes…

It was day one.  I’ll get better!