Last night I watched the Golden Globes Awards and what struck me – apart from the dresses and how skinny all the girls were and how tall Geena Davis is… wow she really is tall – was how inarticulate Americans are, in particular Americans in the entertainment business whom you would expect to be witty and well… entertaining.

Thank you oh thank you and thank you oh and thank you – boring boring boring speeches. The worst – the Cecil B. DeMille Award winner, Warren Beatty. Painful!! (Tom Hanks was okay but he had autocue)

In fact I watched actively wishing that British actors won because at least you could be guaranteed the odd funny line or daring reference.

So now to the Redsultana Critic’s Choice Awards:

Most witty speech made by an actor at the Golden Globes – Hugh Laurie

Most laid back and yet funny speech at the Golden Globes – Bill Nighy

Most outrageous speech at the Golden Globes – Sacha Baron Cohen

The women were mostly boring too although both Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren had one or two interesting lines… I liked Helen’s comment that we fell in love with her portrayal of the Queen because we had already fallen in love with the real Queen for instance… interesting observation…