Ah what a difference a door makes

Our new look bathroom vanityOur bathroom cabinet doors have for many years looked – shall we say – worse for wear.  Painted cream, the wood has swelled and rotted, the hinges bent and eventually one actually fell off revealing the archeological dig inside.

But now – thanks to Engineer of the Year 1995 – otherwise known as my Dad – our bathroom vanity is intact.  Thanks Dad – they look great.  And we even cleaned out the cupboards behind them finding all sorts of interesting things.

I’d forgotton about those heated rollers and I found some rather interesting ointment… and a bottle of lovely perfume.  Groover found a bottle of Brut 33 which I wish he had left languishing at the back of his side of the vanity.  Really darling – smelling it doesn’t make me think you’re 21 again… no, really. 🙂

Hair flattening device

How do I know my husband loves me?  Look what I got for Christmas.  Oh yes.  GHD irons.  Flat hair – here I come!

My father was puzzled as to how Groover knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas… well apart from reading this blog – I did help him along by getting a card from my hairstylist with the name of the irons on it and leaving it in his wallet.

I need also to thank his colleague at work who assured him that these were the ONLY ones to get!

When I found the card a few days later on his desk – I allowed myself to hope.