Don’t pay the ferryman

Ireland 106

Just thought I’d throw in a Chris de Burgh lyric there to keep you guessing but indeed we did catch a car ferry across the River Shannon yesterday on our way to Ennis. Ennis from the Irish word Ines meaning Island. Not quite sure which Island they mean though.

We are staying in The Old Ground Hotel in the centre of this somewhat lively town. Tonight we go to the Cathedral for a concert but before that we head to the Cliffs of Moher… sounds like a place out of a fantasy novel I know but apparently they are quite spectacular. Also on the agenda today is a visit to the oldest brewery in Ireland…

Yesterday after driving here from Adare we went out to a little pub for lunch. Sitting in front of a very effective little fire we whiled away the hours trying to work out what the bricks were made of that they were fuelling the fire with – turns out they were indeed peat. Very impressive fuel.

What has also impressed us is the amount of building going on in County Clare. Everywhere we drove yesterday there were new developments, new houses springing up all over the place. There is a lot of money floating around to be sure.

Ireland 107

We had planned to enjoy dinner in one of the local restaurants last night but we must have been more tired than we thought. Instead we lay our heads down for a nanna nap at about 5pm and woke up at seven! Haven’t done that in a long while.

We’ve been enjoying listening to local radio here… yesterday we were amused to listen to an Australian give advice on wine. He’d written a little book called The Juice 2007 where he divided wines into (now lets see if I can remember…) Skint, Brownie Points, TV Dinners and Bling… which I thought was quite brilliant.

The other topic we listened to was about Cowparks. Now that is another story…

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