Bingo Wings

Ah the Irish, got to love their charming terms for everyday things… like the other day watching morning television the charming description of what we know as tuck-shop-lady arms… bingo wings. Oh yes, a term that will be used.

Ireland 094

Last night we stayed at Adare Manor. A charming castle like stately home which was built in the 1800s and converted to a hotel in the 1990s by a wealthy Florida couple. Let me tell you they do Castles ‘r’ Us very well indeed. Rooms appointed well, service charming, castle-like features abounding.

Ireland 090

Ireland 092

Unfortunately we didn’t get one of the upper rooms which I think would have made our stay even more castley but the room still had a view of the river – famous for salmon and trout – and the golf course.

Ireland 085

It is November and the extensive park lands feature magnificent trees dressed in their autumnal splendour.

Ireland 096

Yesterday we left Dublin about 11 in our little hire car and made our way to Glendalough to see the ruins of St Kevin’s Cathedral. Kevin just sounds wrong doesn’t it for a saint but indeed does give some hope to the Dwaynes and Sharons out there today who may find it possible to stay in the one spot while a blackbird lays an egg in their outstretched palm and patiently wait until it hatches. (how likely is that with today’s attention spans I ask you??)

Ireland 073

After Glendalough, we traversed the Wicklow Mountains – used in the filming of Braveheart – before winding our slow way down to Kilkenny.

Ireland 080

We had expected to get there around lunchtime. We got their at 3.45, just in time for the last tour of Kilkenny Castle which was very good. During the restoration they discovered fragments of the wall coverings so the lurid shades of irridescent yellow were original. Just shows that bad taste was not limited to the 70s or Zorzi.

Ireland 082

We decided to eat dinner in Kilkenny and after a pint at one of Kilkenny’s finest we ate at the Marble City Bar. Outstanding food but they don’t know how to make coffee. Trust me you don’t come to Ireland for the coffee but what is up with making black coffee and putting it in a pot? What’s wrong with making it (as opposed to boiling the bejesus out of it) in the cup so you get that lovely creamy head? And you needed a password to get into the ladies… 4466# in case you’re interested.

Then it was a long drive in the dark to Adare – we got in about 9pm so didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy the facilities but we had a drink in the drawing room and library – very nicely appointed too – and then repaired to The Tack Room bar where we were entertained by a pianist and an Irish singer… we left the second time he sang Danny Boy.

Today we’re off to Ennis.