I’m 40

And hungover or maybe still drunk.

It’s nearly seven o’clock. I feel a bit woozy and a bit well…sick. But I don’t feel like lying in bed so I’m here at the computer trying to upload some photos. Which I must say isn’t working too well.

Had a great night last night. Drank far too much and my long suffering Groover had to put up with me not wanting to leave!

For those who were there (and I got most of you on film) THANK YOU for coming and making my night special. 🙂


3 Replies to “I’m 40”

  1. Hey C’Bella, a BIG happy birthday to you, ya spring chicken. Looks like you had a great one; shame I am on the wrong side of the continent but raised a glass on Friday night for you nevertheless.
    Is 40 the point from which you start counting backwards?
    Many happy returns – (Miss Fortune)

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