Four days until one week’s leave

Not that I’m counting…

I’ve got a mountain of things to do before I go on leave though including editing a pilot for a new show I hope to do… keeping my fingers crossed although it may mean not having a long uninterrupted break over Christmas-New Year… Anyhoo.

Today we spent the afternoon lazing around the artificial lake in the centre of the Children’s Playground in Kings Park. Yes yes it’s all very lovely now with bridges to the little island in the middle and artificial trees and towers and stuff for the kids to play on but I long for the olden days when the only way to get to the island was either by some pretty wobbly stepping stumps – you know – stumps of trees sticking up out of the slimy green water – or – some precariously placed logs one of which rose about a metre above the SGW.

You knew there was a more than fair chance that you’d end up in the SGW and that was part of the fun. Only the brave could play on the island and you were a real wuus (not that we knew that word then) if you chose to cross there and back on the stumps.

My kids got wet anyways…

While we were there we went for an orchid hunt. Truth to tell it’s a bit late in the season but we found some finished donkey orchids, two cowslip orchids and a jug orchid. First time we’ve seen a jug in KP so that was quite exciting.

It was stunning weather too – summer is not far away…

2 Replies to “Four days until one week’s leave”

  1. I can’t believe you know your orchids so well.

    Super accomplished, or what ?!

    I’d love to be able to flip the hair back and say “oh that ? That’s a jug orchid, darling”, as the others around me wilt in green…

    I’d also be wearing a super outfit and there would be waitstaff with canapes and wine .. and oh ?

    yes, about you .. I forgot …


  2. If I’m strictly honest – while I disovered the cowslips (pretty yellow things they are too) it’s my son (11yo) who is the expert.

    He discovered the jug orchid – which trust me – is tricky to spot as a flower let alone an orchid – and recognised the donkey orchids that were all shrivelled up.

    I’m still super accomplished of course and always wear the super outfit when searching for orchids… 🙂

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