I gave birth to a tsunami

Today was dress up as a character from your favourite book day at the school in celebration of Book Week. My daughter dressed up as Hazel Green (an Odo Hirsch book) or rather she dressed as she wanted to and wore a green tee-shirt. Well the book didn’t really give a great description of what to wear… she looked cute.

My son dressed up as a tsunami.

He had long blue choral (get it – coral?!) robes, a blue sheet and a long blue pillow with the stuffing coming out (the foam). 10/10 for originality I guess. The book? Great disasters of the world or something cheery like that. Did I tell you he got a merit award for his Haiku on Earthquakes. Is it a worry that he’s focussed on natural disasters?

I’ve got a cold at the moment and yesterday mum came over with lemons, essential oils and she even vacuumed my house. I’m not sure what made me feel better – the medicines or the vacuuming. Actually that’s a lie. Not crunching when I walked made me feel A LOT better. See – that’s what good mothers are like – I do have a role model. There is hope for me yet!

I’m sure she would have let me dress up as a tsunami as well. After all she once let my brother go to school as a giant banana.