Bend it like Groover

We were out in the Swan Valley today for a bit of carpark soccer… we always travel East so we get that chance at some gravel rash just to spice it up. Check out Groover’s bendy leg action – you thought him a mild-mannered-consultant – we know him to be Rubber-Man! No. Not that kind of rubber.

Check out these hot 40-year-olds (and one near 40)… bring it on! But how is my timing for giving up alcohol. Yes that’s right that is NOT a typo – giving up alcohol. At least for the time being.

Yes I did have a big night at the Must Wine Bar on Monday night (though surprisingly hangover free) but the real reason behind my abstinence is the fact that I noticed I was counting down the minutes to 5pm every night. Imagining cooking dinner with a glass of red or white by my right hand. Not even waiting til Groover got home to open a bottle. Not a good look.

So since Tuesday I’ve been alcohol free. It won’t last forever – just until the cravings go – I just need to prove to myself I am not an alcoholic. What was that they said about denial? 🙂