Getting over it

That’s it. My kids are forever doomed to wearing sneakers. Bloody hell they are expensive! A hundred dollars for a pair of black lace ups. Yes I know they are good quality. Yes I know they will last (at least until they grow out of them). No I’m not prepared to pay $100 when I know they will not wear them unless forced and perhaps not even then.

Sure they don’t have to wear them yet but I thought they might be a good idea especially for Miss I who needs some for girl’s brigade. I’m certainly not buying them for one night a week when it will be a fight to get her to wear them. They will simply have to “get over it”.

Yes I know this makes me sound like a stingy mean penny pinching scrooge. You will simply have to “get over it”. Yes I know you’re going to bring up those very comfortable shoes I bought two pairs of earlier this year but I did wear them just about every day in summer… I’m on boots now – one pair last year’s, the other three years old.

When my kids are forced by the school to wear black lace-ups I will brace myself and buy them. Until then they are doomed to cheap footwear… and possibly a lifetime of damaged feet. Yes I am a mother. I feel guilt. I will simply have to “get over it”.