Laughing out loud

According to East (my bridge partner) “If we think mistakes are funny, we will make less of them, and we won’t panic against good players. We don’t have to evaluate our self-worth by how well we play bridge.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We came 10/16 tonight.

And yes there were occasions when laughing out loud was called for. Like when I miscounted my hearts and thought I had four when I had five, oh and when I defended as if we were playing trumps when we were in no trumps – that was a good one – or when I completely misplayed my hand and ended up cut off from dummy – yeah good one West!

Lucky I don’t evaluate my self-worth by how well I play isn’t it!

Imagine if that was the criteria for whether or not you were a good person… yes she killed a man but hey what a player! That six spades was awesome.

On other matters what is up with the news… is the Matt Birney story really that interesting? And what about poor old Neale Fong’s wife being done for DD? Who cares? And why should it make the news simply because she is married to a highly paid public servant. They could have afforded to take a taxi… well yeees but they were in Dunsborough (I think) and it isn’t easy to get taxis there.

You can imagine the scenario can’t you… they go out for dinner at one of those nice restaurants, have a few glasses of wine, and they are both a bit under the weather… he says something like… hey love why don’t you drive… if I get caught the press will have a field day.

Embarrassing for her though. Or is it? Is it more socially acceptable to lose your licence through points (consistant infringements) or by being caught over the limit? What do you think?