A rant on school times

When was the last time anyone looked seriously at when school starts and finishes? For as long as I can remember school started around 8.30 – 9.00 (and I’m talking MY primary school days here folks) and finished around 3.15. But of course in those ancient times, the majority of families had stay-at-homes mums.

Since then of course our society has changed substantially. Now a majority of women continue to work while they raise a family. And now of course we see the Federal Government introducing laws to make single mums go back to work (15 hours a week when their youngest child turns 8). Now unless those mums can find part-time work between the hours of 9 and 3 (really 2.30 so they can get to the school lets be honest), they will have to spend money on childcare.

And we’re not talking about the school holidays – this is normal term time right?

It occurs to me that this is not an efficient use of our society’s resources and that schools need to play a part in this. I know that teachers have to do class preparation and many of them – particularly in the higher grades have precious little time to prepare lessons – but surely there could be a roster – like they have at lunchtimes where one or two in a school could supervise the playgrounds for the half hour before school.

Surely it would not be too difficult for schools to organise supervised homework time after school – perhaps the teachers could use the time to prepare lessons or mark tests? They could even have organised sport or again supervised playtime.

Extend the hours from 8 to 5 and I think the whole of society would benefit.

Yes I can hear the teacher’s union howling from here – and when I get 12 weeks holiday a year I’ll start listening!

Oh, you can tell that my husband is going back to work next week and the juggle begins again?? 🙂