We are hooked on Ebay – in a good way – but hooked.

So far our purchases include:

new battery for my Nokia mobile – RRP $70 – Ebay $.99 +$7 delivery
water filter – RRP $300++ – Ebay $110
ink catridges for printer – RRP $35 – Ebay $25 for 4!
cordless phone with four handsets – RRP $199 – Ebay $134

And husband dearest has bought ties and tee-shirts as well. So far no duds – touchwood!

Nowadays we look on Ebay first. The other tip we’ve found on the internet is if you are wanting to buy something from Hardley Normal (you know the retailer I mean) check out the price with JB Hifi. Apparently they are trying to beat them out of the market and will go lower in price – we saved a heap of dough on our Topfield Masterpiece PVR. What is a PVR?

Soon some photos…