Teacher for a day

Well an hour or two anyway…

Today I was the guest speaker in number-one-son’s class. 28 eleven year olds, one teacher and one assistant. I was talking about my job and I think I did okay. If I could have remembered a few more famous people that I’ve spoken too (as opposed to The Wiggles) I’m sure my street cred would have gone higher… or if I had actually served overseas… but we had fun and they are a nice bunch of kids. The lollies went down well. I guess I will hear how it went after school after the playground reviews.

I have a lot of admiration for their full-time teacher let me tell you – boy does she keep them in line!

They were a bit tired as the night before had been the parent visit night and concert so they were up later than usual. The concert was The Snow Queen mostly performed by the grade 7s but the 4-6s were in the choir. It was terrific – brilliant acting and singing. Then we saw the art-room which was amazing – their art teacher is an inspiration. Totally impressed.

Afterwards we visited the kids’ classrooms and saw their work. I loved it. They were so enthusiastic about showing us what they’ve done and it was nice to see the interaction between them and the rest of the class and their teachers. A happy night.