Drop ins

Gosh I haven’t been a good blogger have I – sorry regular readers but nothing much has been happening…

On my days off this week husband and I went shopping for bits for the house. We had several drop-ins on the weekend – which was great – we love the drop-in (much better than drop outs!) and we love showing off the new look for the house. And generally the comments have been very positive.

It seems the newly created breakfast bar is very successful – yay – but of course while the bar is in we have no stools. So rather than have our guests stand around wondering where to park their butts we decided stools had become our new priority.

Of course we wanted Very Groovy stools, Hip stools, Stools that make you go Ahh stools… all these stools are very expensive. Some of them more than $800 EACH! And that of course is ridiculous. Anyway after trailing around the groovy design shops we ended up in Freedom and sat on a relatively groovy stool for $129. Bargain. Well. It seemed like a bargain after all the others!!!

And leather-like is better than vinyl isn’t it. Isn’t it??

We also finally got round to getting bedroom furniture for the kids and I’m going to plug Drew Cary at Bedshed Claremont here because I grew up with him (although it was his brother Doug who used to beat me up – I guess it was his way of showing affection!) and because he was brilliant at getting what we wanted almost immediately. Awesome stuff. Also what’s the point of having a personal blog if you can’t endorse your mate’s business if you want to.

It’s not like I was expecting fruit salad in the middle of winter…