Is She Nuts?

I spoke today to SJ from Sarcastic Journalist. She lives in Houston and is staying despite the fact that Rita is bearing down on the area. Staying really because she doesn’t have a choice. If you want a real story about making the decision to stay or go – read her blog.

There is no gas. All those people? They’ve run out of gas and are now camping out on the roads. I met a family, a cute older Hispanic family, that left at 2:45 this morning and drove 48 miles, only to run out of gas. more

Back doing the weekend shift for the first time in a while – ahh it feels like slipping on a pair of ugg boots. In fact I wish I had them on right now as my tootsies are feeling somewhat cold. While it has been lovely moonlighting on Afternoons and Drive they are not my shows – it’s nice to get back to the old rhythm.

In renovation news…

Our floor is done (R has already scratched it!). The guy who did the coating of the floor (Ian) and did a fabulous job had to do it twice, the poor love, after leaving a footprint! That is a lot of polyurethane. But the result – bellissimo. Not that I’ve seen the floor you understand – but R says it is fantastic. Photo soon. Painting to come.