Vox Popoli

Today I worked on the Morning program which is pretty full on but in fact good fun. I had a go last week as well and the two sessions couldn’t be more different. Last week I was setting up stories doing a lot of forward stuff with people in the States and generally making heaps of calls. Today I made quite a few calls but mainly focussed on vox pops. Vox pops for the uninitiated are when you take a mini-disk (I HATE mini-disks) or some other recording device and head out into the great unwashed to ask random people on the streets what they think about stuff.

I chose to catch the train into the city centre (5 mins away) and spent the morning asking people about waiting to see the doctor. It’s an interesting exercise in itself – in fact possibly a PhD in it – in terms of who you choose to ask. I tend to go for people walking on their own rather than groups if I can help it, people who are walking slowly – or more slowly than others, and I try to get a balance of male/female voices, young/old voices, ethnically/socially diverse voices. Which can take a while. And you have to be prepared for rejection and not take it personally. 🙂

Anyway the team were happy with the result. So happy in fact that they asked me to go and do tomorrow’s pops as well. Sigh. Sometimes it’s good to be crap. I hate doing voxies. In the afternoon I was doing Father’s Day pops and was targetting fathers. So I was looking for men that seemed old enough to father a child. Some were easy, grey haired conservative types, obvious dads, some pushed prams… yay, but there were a surprising number of men who I thought might be fathers that were “too young”. And it was an easy way for them to avoid the dreaded recorder… “Me? No, I’m not a father.”

I think I might even miss going back to my normal job – whatever that is.

The lighting fitout is going well – we now have pendant lights! Pics will come soon. In fact there is so much light we can now really see the flaws in the paintwork – thank goodness that’s changing soon.

So that’s my work life.

It’s all about me – have you noticed – my reaction. And that’s a theme that I’ve been noticing this last few weeks. A good friend of mine is dealing with the death of her mother and what I am learning is that I can’t do anything about it – and that I shouldn’t necessarily do anything about it. I want to – oh my God – I feel driven to. But in fact apart from letting her know that I’m here for her and I love her – there is in fact nothing I can do and it is in a way presumptuous to think that I can and that she might want me to do something.

Does it in fact put pressure on someone to have a friend desperate to help out? That is the last thing that I would want and so for me I am learning to just “let go”, just to “be” and let things unfold… if I can help, I’m sure I will be asked. It’s not about me, it’s about her.

Another friend has told me that she has lost 8 kilograms (as I sit there drinking a very fattening Chimay beer – but delicious) and again while I am rejoicing for her, it’s all about me. I want to lose 8 kilos too! The Chimay starts to taste a bit flat, maybe I shouldn’t go off the detox just yet!

Oh and the computer game my son plays endlessly is not Ancient Worlds… it’s Age of Mythology. Forgive me. (see I told you it was all about me)