Wearing hats

I don’t know why I don’t wear hats more often – they really keep your head warm. Yesterday on my way over to Melissa’s to have a birthday drink I wore my old Acubra – and a battered well loved hat it is too, perfect for walking suburban streets on a sunny afternoon.

Today I am wearing my little Boy George hat. Actually it doesn’t look like any hat Boy George has ever worn but it kind-of feels like one he might wear. It’s small, black felt, cute. I always feel a bit “out there” when I’m wearing a hat – and today I’ve teamed it with my big black boots and my new leather jacket so I look a bit like a biker who has forgotton to exchange her hat for a helmet.

The thing with wearing hats though is that you do end up with hat hair. Flat and unattractive. So once you start wearing a hat in the morning you are committed til you get home. I wonder what they’ll think at the gym…

I’m already getting an eccentric reputation there for reading while on the treadmill – well? Why not! At least it relieves the boredom of walking nowhere.

I went to an interesting exhibition yesterday – she is a local photographer who creates abstract art in her camera – her work is being exhibited in New York next year so check it out. Louise Mann. Her exhibition is at the Kingfisher Gallery.