London and Stupidity

First of all London. I have been really impressed with how the English have handled the bombings. Their response has been fantastic. First the emergency workers, then the police and now stopping for two minutes to pay their respects. Dignified. Uncowed. Impressive. Makes me glad I married a Pom. The Queen as well – great.

Now some may knock the Queen: “Well I guess she’s learned something after Diana” was one uncharitable remark heard earlier – well maybe she did but she had my vote ever since I heard the contents of her message to the people of New York after 911 “Grief is the price you pay for love”.

I think that is a brilliant quote. Maybe she wishes she had saved it for now but in fact now, the dignified stiff upper lip silence is perfect. She got it right. It’s not easy being Queen you know.

Now stupidity.