Inquest Day 2

Today was very different at Courtroom 10. It was the start of the personal testimony from the two wives of the men who had died and the fellows who survived the crash.

Listening to J talk about Harry was lovely – I was transported back to that big loud, sometimes clumsy, lovable Greek guy that I knew – with a razor sharp intellect and a generous heart. It was hard to accept again that he was no longer a part of our lives.

As well we got to hear about Steve and I was left with the wistful wish that I had met him.

The guy from Harry’s company was hopeless I’m sorry to say. It was as if they had looked at who was available from the company to speak and then chosen the least able. He might be a nice guy, I don’t know him but he was ill prepared and ill chosen for his task. You could not believe that the company had done even the most basic research. If they had, they certainly had not passed the results on to their spokesman. I think a few of us were frustrated and disappointed with his testimony and disappointed that they appeared to treat the court and their fallen comrades with such contempt.

Then we heard from two of the guys who were in the plane when it went down. They described the panic to get out of the plane after the flight went down. The darkness in the cabin. The smoke. They said they didn’t see anyone (certainly not Harry) as they exited the plane. It is hard to believe they didn’t see him but who knows what it must have been like. They were lucky to survive. It is just heartbreaking for us that Harry didn’t.

Tomorrow we hear from the third passenger to survive and the pilot. I don’t envy him.