Arty Farty

Well here we are day three of my art course and attempting portraits. Portraits are HARD.
This is me attempting to paint (with pastels) Johdi Packer. It’s not the finished version but let me tell you that the finished version doesn’t look more like her. However I figure one, it’s my first attempt at portraiture and two, as I didn’t know who she was before I read the caption I figure it doesn’t really matter.

I’m really enjoying the course and think I will keep going – practising landscapes I think. They are easier I believe because you have less preconceptions of how it should look – I mean you expect a face to have the correct proportions but you might not know what the proportions of a particular scene are… Anyway early days… My inner artist has been so buried it will take a while to surface!

Obviously (because of the pine trees) this is a sunset photo at Cottesloe. We had a bbq picnic tea there last night with Marshall and Ollie who think of it more as their back garden! It was lovely. Ollie had made a great potato salad with red onion, celery and vinegar (I think) – delicious anyway.

Then we repaired back to their flat for dessert and to check out Marshall’s plasma. Oooh-wee. Very Nice. Today Rory has been trying to find one on ebay!

I have been trying to clear some of the blockages in my brain about art and I have found that what that translates as is me wanting to clear out the house. This morning I spent long hours cleaning and sorting and moving furniture. Now I have sore feet and I’m STARVING but I feel somewhat satisfied and… clear!

I have put some photos on line from last night and our art class – you’ll find them in the gallery. One day – you never know – I might even get round to putting up the Christmas photos… sigh.