Mid Term Breaks

What’s up with Mid Term Breaks!

Honestly you pay more and get less when it comes to time spent at school these days. The kids have a MTB tomorrow and I’ve been so caught up with preparing for job interviews, thinking about blooming flowers and going to the convention centre that I clean forgot about it.

Now I have two children to “place” by 8.30am tomorrow morning. Well I say two but in fact I have Hugo chilling out with Dad tomorrow and I hope Imogen will have a play with Lara but at 9.05pm I haven’t heard from Mia and now I’m thinking about plan B.

There is no plan B.

Now I’m reduced to railing at the school for being so slack as to take TWO days off at the start of term AND a mid term break.

Happy place! Happy place!

Of course this is quickly followed by “Why is it the mother who has to worry about what the children are doing?” rant… this goes nowhere, and nowhere fast. Best not to go there at all… although it must be said a compelling argument as to why it is not the father is yet to be forthcoming.

Perhaps I should just go to sleep, get up and go to work at 6am as usual and just let “the father” sort it out… hmmm interesting…