Calvin and Hobbs

I don’t always read the comics but I did this morning and I was amused by Calvin and Hobbs.

In the cartoon Calvin is playing a record and his dad comes up to him and says “Let me show you something interesting. Compare a point on the label with a point on the record’s outer edge. They both make a complete circle in the same amount of time, right? But the point on the record’s edge has to make a bigger circle in the same time, so it goes faster. See, two points on one disk move at two speeds, even though thay both make the same revolutions per minute!”

Calvin’s response is to lie prone on his bed with his head spinning.

This amused me on two levels – one because my head was spinning as well and two, because we have all been there with our kids. Telling them crap that they are not interested in, don’t want to know and don’t understand anyway.

Also today, I experienced unexpected freedom. Groover got home from Coolum early and was around to pick the kids up from school which was good because I had a late meeting – which went even later than scheduled. The freedom? To spend as long as I wanted faffing at work doing ‘stuff’ without having any pressure to rush home. It was fabulous and I had a whole new lease of life.

Still I suppose you wouldn’t appreciate it if you could do it everyday.