The closet accountant

Say it isn’t so… and yet…

A distracting photo

And yet I find myself BORING people with my new budget.

I have never budgeted before.


The only reason I am not bankrupt is that I’m married to Groover.

He understands money.

Our deal is Groover pays the mortgage and I pay for groceries and household bills.

I spend ALL my salary. I am paid a reasonably good salary and I spend it all.

At the end of the fortnight, I have maxed out my credit card limit – kept at $2000 – and spent my whole salary.

No saving for big bills coming up. No saving for holidays.

Just spent on bills and groceries… with the occasional panic that I can’t pay a big bill.

It’s not that I spend much on myself.

Nay I rarely do.

I don’t have a thousand pairs of shoes, a ridiculous number of handbags, a ginormous number of knick knacks around the house.

It just goes and I rely on my tax return to get by.

My kids save more than I do.

But like a lost soul saved by the happy clappys – I have become EVANGELICAL.

Yes friend, I BELIEVE in the power of BUDGETS!!!

Praise be!

*double dream hands*

A couple of months ago I decided enough was enough.

I should be able to save on my salary.

I am a grown up.

No really.

I threw money at the problem and bought a piece of budgeting software.

Now I’m sure you can budget without software… in theory.

I mean, people did right?  Before the interwebs??

But I clearly needed help.

I bought YNAB – stands for You Need A Budget – because clearly I did.

And you know what? It bloody works!!

I am saving for the first time in my life.

I have have money being put towards the big rates bills coming up in September.

I have a $0.00 balance on my credit card, and money in my cheque account.

And it’s not even pay day!

Not only that but I bought myself an iPad.  A piece of frivolous spending I would NEVER have done when not on a budget.

This my friend IS A MIRACLE.

Don’t ask me how it works.  It just does.

The deal.

I give every dollar a job.

I then change my mind and rearrange the dollars.

In the software I never overbudget, and I always move money around to make sure it is ALL GREEN.

It is magic.

So my friend.

If you have never budgeted, thought it wasn’t for you, whatever, DO IT.

You don’t need the fancy software I am sure.

But the four rules that you will find at YNAB will help.

And they give those away for free.