Okay now this is getting weird

Last night (or rather early this morning) I dreamed my thumb was cut off.

Then there was a lot of faffing about to get to a hospital eventually ending up in Charlie Gardiners with a very reluctant plastic surgeon who tried to be unavailable to sew my thumb back on.

Meantime I’d stuck my thumb onto the stump and it had kind of stuck.

When we got to the hospital the surgeon went into this room with an enormous screen and looked up a diagram of the human body – presumably to make a plan on reattaching veins etc.

Then I woke up.

Everything I have read today about the meaning of thumbs in dreams freaks. me. out. eg: scroll down to thumbs

Why can’t I dream of something nice?

Like puppies.

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  1. I’ve heard off the teeth falling out dream (it’s about getting older), but never about the thumb getting cut off dream.

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