My commute

I thought I should report in after a week commuting.

My destination is Claisebrook and while I wait for my train every afternoon I sit and watch the cars whizz by heading for the “Polly Pipe” (the Graeme Farmer Freeway tunnel), a journey I used to drive for the last few years.

At this time of the year the traffic flows well but I look forward to the summer holidays being over and me alighting a train while the cars crawl by.

So far I must say, so painless.

I love being able to read on the way to work, something very tricky to do when you are driving your car.

I can call people without risking a $250 fine.

And apart from all that there’s a feeling of “being pious” and “doing good”.

I walk to the station in the morning – a five to ten minute affair – often stopping off at the deli for a piece of fruit for lunch or some such.

In the winter that might be a bit meh but at the moment it’s lovely to walk through the ‘burb.

Walking back is a little warmer, still with my runners on, not too bad and hey it’s more exercise than I’d get from driving.

It also makes you feel part of the world, commuting.

Seeing everyone else on their way to work, school or play.

Sort of a “we’re all in this together” kind of feeling.

So commuting gets a thumbs up from me after one week, the only question remaining is why I haven’t always commuted.

I guess it’s simply because I had a cheap parking space.

For those of you interested, I made a little video of my journey home last night.

Not the most riveting of films, I won’t tell a lie, but possibly of interest if you’re from Perth as you might recognise some of the landmarks.

You’ll see some of the Claremont redevelopment for example.

Anyway here ’tis:

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  1. Brilliant – thanks for that – can you take the 72 into the city next time?? Just joking… Looks so much nicer than it used to when I lived in Cott back in 84-86!!!

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