The day after

The true inconvenience of a computer crash becomes clear the day after… It’s May and I want to change my banner collection but I have to reload all the software – photo editing, FTP – and reload my website files… and that’s irritating because I saved earlier versions of pages on my hard-drive, I probably don’t need them but I liked knowing they were there. [update: all fixed]

My new feature artist is Kate Elsey and I’m confident you’ll LOVE her work – find out more and see the whole images on my banner page.

I know I’m going to discover over the next few months missing files that would have been nice to have – like the template for fridge magnet stickers or my funeral plan (don’t you have one??) – I can’t remember what mine is now – how annoying!

But I’m not going to whinge anymore. As they say – I’m just one bestseller away from retirement – must start work on it.