Train etiquette: grooming

You will agree that polish removal was in order though I suspect.

So the other day I was about to leave for class when I noticed that my toe nail polish was, really, unacceptably chipped.

It was too late to do anything about it so instead I popped my swisspers (premoistened nail polish removal pads) into my bag and left.

On the train with no book to occupy my time and with my unkempt toes shouting “look at me” at me I thought well I may as well clean them off.

So I did.

Half way through the first big toe I realised that I might have been crossing an undefined but known train etiquette rule.

But by then my polish looked even worse and as I was already across the socially correct line I figured I may as well stay there and at least end up with more socially acceptable toes.

Luckily, or at least to my knowledge, noone I knew was on the train so I was spared that embarrassment.

I don’t think the same rules apply to finger nails.

I think you could definitely get away with cleaning your nails on the train.

Filing them is okay too.

And of course applying nail polish would also be okay if a trifle tricky giving the moving nature of the train.

There’s just something icky about toes.

The train is a No Toe Zone.

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  1. Cleaning, filing, both okay. It’s the clickity click of the clippers, and the prospect of a nail flying through the air and hitting someone in the eyes that crosses the border.

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